How to Apply for Incubation

There are four ways you can get incubated at BIC. Follow the one most suited to your individual situation.

  1. Watch out for our Talent Hunt Program (Announced Twice a Year), where you can join even without an idea.
  2. Apply to the call for Cohort (Yearly)
  3. If you have a truly innovative idea, and have taken some steps towards startup, you may contact BIC anytime. We understand the importance of time for entrepreneurs, and we know time doesn’t wait for anyone, especially in the cutthroat startup market where someone else can beat you the market any time. We may provide you with a customized Incubation program anytime of the year, if we see potential in your idea.
  4. If you have no idea but would like to start and don’t want to wait for the announcement of Talent Hunt Program, contact us, and we’ll connect you to our Student Society – Malakand Entrepreneurship Club, where you’ll be mentored and provided support to get ready for incubation or pre-incubation.