1. To provide an environment where budding entrepreneurs can work on their innovative ideas, bring them to the market and grow them into a successful business.
  2. To provide infrastructure and business support services to incubates as per international best practices to ensure achievement of stated objectives.
  3. To liaise and link with public and private funding sources, government agencies, industrial and trade associations, angel investors, venture capitalists, national and international organizations (business or otherwise) and other institutions for facilitating incubates in networking and collaborations for bringing their ideas to market and growing them.
  4. To be a platform for commercializing university’s research through startups, by hosting and incubating such startups and working in collaboration with ORIC in such cases.
  5. To be the university’s focal point for all entrepreneurship related activities, and for leading and coordinating all such activities to ensure maximum impact.
  6. To facilitate the availability of UOM resources to incubates in a mutually beneficial way.
  7. To organize and conduct trainings, seminars, workshops on entrepreneurship, incubation, and startups and to facilitate students, faculty and staff’s participation in such events at other organizations.
  8. To organize business plan competitions, idea competitions, entrepreneurship expos and other events for promoting entrepreneurship and for providing networking and fundraising opportunities to incubates and startups. And to facilitate students, faculty, and staff’s participation in such events at other organizations.
  9. To manage and facilitate Malakand Entrepreneurship Club.
  10. Any other activities related to incubation and entrepreneurship development.