Facilities Offered

Physical Infrastructure & Resources

  1. Incubation Space.
  2. Refreshments Area.
  3. Free Internet, Telephone, Photocopying and Printing (Conditions Apply).
  4. Provision of Laptop.
  5. Shared meeting rooms.
  6. Access to conference rooms, video conference room and auditoriums.
  7. Access to University Labs.

Support Services

  1. Trainings in Creativity & Innovation Management, Idea generation, Business Model Development, Business Model Validation, Business Research, Business Planning, Financial Planning, Marketing Plan, Branding, Investment Readiness, and other areas of interest to entrepreneurs.
  2. A well developed curriculum for the period of incubation.
  3. A pool of mentors, comprising experts from around the country and abroad.
  4. Sessions with experts in technology, legal, financial and related matters, with or without consideration (on payment basis).
  5. Facilitate in the removal of legal and or administrative hurdles in the implementation of coordinated project.
  6. Organizing events to help companies in networking and showcasing their technologies.
  7. Meetings with visitors of BIC (such as alumni, Venture Capitalists, industry professionals).
  8. Customized space / need based trainings could also be arranged.
  9. Assist in preparation of feasibility of projects.
  10. Assist in formulation of business and market plans/models.
  11. Facilitation/ help in commercializing products of the project.
  12. Facilitation in getting patent for the product and intellectual property right to the scientist/ inventor of the product.
  13. Library facilities.
  14. Free Intern (as per availability).
  15. Visits to other Incubation Center.
  16. Visits to other industries/organizations for signing MOUs or other agreements.